The Rules

16 05 2012


OK, so we want to race in the 24 Hours of Lemons and the Chump Car World Series (CCWS).  Basically its crapcan racing in $500 dollar cars.  Each series defines that $500 differently.  Lemons is basically a bill of sale for $500, whereas CCWS makes you prove your Actual Internet Value, or AIV.  In order to prove AIV, one must find and print off at least 10 classified ads from the likes of craigslist, autotrader, and sites like that, from each region of the US, Canada and Mexico.  The sale price from each ad must then be added up and divided by the number of adds, which then gives you your AIV.

Lets say you have a car you bought for $500 off of craigslist.  You still must prove the cars AIV.  So you do a search and find 10 ads. Lets say they ads selling prices are: $500, $550, $600, $650, $400, $475, $530, $700, $495, $580.  Add all those together and you get = $5480.  Now divide that by 10 and that gives you an AIV of $548.  Keep in mind that the ads you use to prove your AIV must be for the exact type of car. If your car is an ’84 Celica, 5 speed, 2 dr coupe, then each ad must be of the same year model, same transmission, and same number of doors.  So with an AIV of $548, which is obviously over the $500 limit, your car would be giving BS laps, or penalty laps.  Modifications all have competition value, and add to your AIV.  So you then added coilovers and a new radiator, well now your competition value may be $700 plus, giving you a bunch more BS laps.  Bottom line, bring a stock car that has been refreshed with OEM parts, proper safety gear installed and go racing, or…. prove AIV, get BS laps and then go racing.

I am at the point where I think taking some added competition value may be worth it if it increases the reliability of the car.  Like a radiator, oil cooler, and things like that.  Sure you may get 25-50 BS laps, but your car may stand a much better chance of not breaking down, therefore allowing you to turn laps and finish the race, and reduce your expenses.

But to add to the confusion, CCWS just released a $500 magic list.  Meaning if your year model and make car are on that list, then are automatically qualify as $500 cars.  No need to prove AIV, which is a painstaking process.  However, the car must be stock!  You still have to do all the safety requirements, and you can change the brakes using the two times OEM cost rule, but no replacing the stock radiator with a hi-flowing unit, or adding an oil cooler, and things like that.  Once you do any of that, it automatically bumps you off that magic list and you again have to prove your AIV and get a competition value.  so….

Which way to go???  Not sure yet.  But stay tuned!




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30 05 2012
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