The To-Do List!

29 05 2012

So since we can’t start the build quite yet, I have been doing a LOT of research and seeing what others have done to make their cars last throughout an endurance race.   I think I have comprised quite a decent “To-Do List.”  Its going to take a while to get all this done once we start, luckily we have quite a bit of time.   What do you all think of the below list???

TO-DO List:

Remove entire interior!
Remove all glass
Remove sunroof – install sunroof cover
Degrease engine compartment
Tune up: new plugs, wires, filters, gaskets… everything!
Change timing belt, thermostat, all other belts, water pump
Replace oil cooler gasket
Change all fluids – engine, tranny, differential, brake, coolant
Fabricate engine and tranny mounts
Clean out radiator, do a flush.
Replace all hoses with new, and double clamp them
Resolder main relay
Oil Pan baffling or Accusump
Fabricate exhaust, and exhaust exit
Fabricate CAI
Install Roll Cage
Install Seat rails and race seat
Install harness mounting points, and install racing harness
Install Engine kill switch
Install guages: oil temp, oil pressure, water temp, fuel
Install Fuel Cell
Install shift and oil pressure warning lights
Install Fire Extinguisher
Install Stainless Steel brake lines
Use DOT4+ fluid
New OEM brake rotors
Rebuild brake calipers
Fabricate Brake ducts
EBC Yellowstuff or Hawk HP+ front and rear Brake Pads
Cut springs
Fabricate camber plates
Inspect/Replace wheel bearings
Cut holes in the hood to aid in cooling
Add mesh screen in front of radiator and brake ducts
Use tons of zip ties to make everything neat
Tires: Star Specs, RT 615K, Fuzion Hri, BFGOODRICH Sport Comp-2
Install window net, helmet hook
Install and mark tow hook locations
Paint/Graphics application
Install radio/communication harness
Install timer
Remove undercoating



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