Front Brakes Get An Upgrade!

30 05 2012

If you read my driver bio on the “The Team” page, then may recall that I autoxed from 2005-2008.  I always raced Subaru’s, and after modifying them all, I accumulated quite a bit of spare parts.  Most of them I sold before I joined the Army.  However, some of them ended up in boxes in my sisters storage shed for 4 years.  In a Motul box that had been made into an ant house, I discovered two boxes of racing brake pads, STi stainless steel brake lines, speed bleeders, some bushings, a stock STi shifter, and a bunch of lug nuts.  I instantly started wondering if I could make those brake lines fit the Legend.

Today I decided to try it out and see if I could make those brake lines fit.  This is what they looked like brand new (mine were not near this pretty since they were about 5-6 years old):

SS Brake Lines

Here are some pictures of the old, crusty rubber brake lines that were on the Legend.

Old junk  Old Junk

First thing I had to do was use a reciprocating saw to cut a part off of the STi brake lines.  It was a metal piece that stuck out past where the banjo bolt goes through.  It was there for the Brembo brake calipers on the STi, and would only get in the way on the Legend.  So off it went.  There were three metal brackets holding the rubber brake line in place, none of which would work for the new lines, so they were removed too.  You can see which brackets I removed below, they are circled in red:

Brackets are circled in red

I then mounted the STi SS Brake Lines.  I reused the two washers on the banjo bolt since I didn’t have any extras, but they looked pretty decent.  The line was almost the perfect length.  I wanted something to hold it in place so that it wouldn’t rub against the strut too much, and then I noticed one of the brackets I removed may work if I flip it over.  So I tested it, and sure enough if worked great.

Used Bracket

The STi brake lines fit great in the front!  Almost seems like they were made for the Legend haha.  Here are a few more pictures of the finished install.

 SS Brake Lines

I’m not sure if I can get the rear brake lines to fit.  They are made weirdly on the Legend.  It goes from the stainless line > rubber line > stainless line > rubber line > caliper.  My STi lines aren’t quite long enough to make it all the way from the first stainless line to the caliper.  Gotta see what I can do about that.  

Anyway… I still need to bleed the system, but I am going to wait until I figure out the rear brake situation.  However, even just the front upgrade to the stainless brake lines should be a huge improvement.  Especially once I get better rotors and pads.  Plus it makes me feel good knowing that there are STi parts on the car! 🙂




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