Strip Work Begins!

27 06 2012

Today I started stripping.  Thank God it’s not what it sounds like, as I’m sure I wouldn’t make much doing the other thing.  After weighing the car I decided to go ahead and start the strip work.  I only ended up working for about an hour and forty minutes, because my wife had to leave and that meant I would be on kid sitting duty.

First I removed the center console, shift boot, and what was left of the stereo.

Then I worked on removing the seats.  The rear seat gave me a bit of trouble, just cause I had never taken apart anything other than Subaru’s prior to this, so it was a bit different.  But a big pry-bar helped.  The driver’s seat is heavy!  Haven’t weighed it yet, but I estimate about 60 lbs.  Now there is nowhere to sit!


Next I removed the seat belts, window trim, and most of the plastic pillar covers.  She is now ready for carpet removal.

This car was/is filthy.  The kinds of things that were under the seats is almost like a treasure hunt.  Except the kinds of things you find you would have to pay someone to take.  Pencils, pens, gold-fish, screws (drywall screws?), money, cigarettes, asthma inhalers, and all kinds of trash.  Can’t wait to get the carpet and dash out and then clean it a bit.  Then it will be the trunk.

However, the next few days we are expecting record heat, so I probably wont get much done.

Stay tuned!




4 responses

27 06 2012

What for engine is in yours….you know im a honda/acura guy

27 06 2012
Steven Kornhaus

Its the stock C27A1, but its pretty peppy feeling. Needs new gaskets, but hopefully will last.

28 06 2012

Are there any motor restrictions for the class ur racing?… there are alot of other acura motors with more stock power and more further power possablitys easier and cheaper then ur current motor. And the best thing is u can get them cheap from a junk yard. I believe thats a non vtec motor also…ur gonna want vtec in a race situation. Either way ur gonna have a blast im happy for ya buddy. I just about got my mini me swap completed.

28 06 2012
Steven Kornhaus

Nope. I could swap in an LS1 if I wanted, or had it in the budget. Thats where the problem is. I bought the car for $500, and I can only spend $500 on it (not counting maintenance items and safety), so I don’t have it in the budget for a new engine. I’m sure I could find a better engine with more power, but that will have to wait until we race and get a low residual value assigned to the car. Your right, the C27A1 is a non Vtec motor. I just want to make this one as bullet proof as possible and pray and hope it lasts the whole race. lol

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